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June 21, 2024 2 min read

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How Can You Save Money on an Engagement Ring?

Buy diamonds below full carat size - It's simply easier that way. But here's a secret: round-numbered carats are more costly than fractional ones. To save money, choose a center stone that weighs slightly less than a whole carat.

Pay Cash or Obtain a Personal Loan.

According to Grant Speed, using store financing is the most common error individuals make when purchasing an engagement diamond. Big-box jewelry retailers will extensively promote their own in-house financing alternatives, which carry very high interest rates.

They frequently make more money from the financing than the ring itself. He suggests paying in cash or getting a personal loan from your own bank before purchasing.

Use Your Credit Cards Prudently.

Cook typically advises against placing significant purchases, such as engagement rings, using credit cards because of the high interest rates, but they can save you money if used wisely.

There are two types of cards to look for: ones that give airline miles, money back, or points that may be spent toward your honeymoon, and those that guarantee the ring through the credit card company. "Just make sure you have a plan to pay it off immediately," she says.

Make The Proposal a Surprise, Not The Ring.

This is a ring your loved one will (hopefully) wear for the rest of their lives, so one of the top etiquette rules of getting engaged is to make sure it's something they really love—which usually means shopping with them before the proposal, at least to get an idea of what they like, says Donnie Brown, a celebrity wedding planner from the Style Network series Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

and the founder of Donnie Brown Weddings and Events in Dallas. If you surprise him or her with a ring they don't like, they may feel compelled to accept it because they want to say yes to the proposal.

Be Flexible Regarding Stone Alternatives.

Lab-created diamonds are now around 30% less expensive than mined diamonds, and they are virtually indistinguishable from regular diamonds, even to professional gemologists.

"Plus, they're more ethical, sustainably sourced and better for the environment," Carrie Speed, their spokesperson, explains.

She adds that many couples are now considering more distinctive possibilities like as moissanite, colorful jewels, sapphires, and pearls—but you should consult with your jeweler about the longevity of such stones and how to place them so they stay. "It's still true that nothing is as hard as a diamond," she tells me.